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Being among the cast of the wildly successful Bravo show 'Million Dollar Decorators' only scratches the surface of Jeffrey Alan Marks’ design depth. His firm JAM Inc., which started over 15 years ago, serves as his main platform to display his projects. His work suggests the most beautiful mixture of relaxed California ease with combined English formality and his creative, lively and laid-back approach to design is refreshing. Marks’ colorful and fun style is translated through his designs in spectacular ways and unexpected touches. It is because of all these things that Jeffrey is an internationally celebrated designer with a portfolio packed full of incredibly fantastic residential and commercial projects. Developing custom luxury homes across the world in addition to expansive commercial property including restaurants and retail stores, Marks’ skills/talents are endless. Dying for more info on this captivating and inspiring designer? You're in luck! M+P has a packed 2 part interview with Jeffrey starting right here... Enjoy ;)

The Interview, Part 1

M+P: When did you first know you wanted to be a designer?
JAM: When I was decorating my fraternity house in college. My big brother pulled me aside...

M+P: Your years of living in Milan and Paris and studying in London show up in your designs through incorporated English elements. How would you say those years spent in Europe shape your designs today?
JAM: I went to school there for design after college and modeled to pay for it. I was all over Europe for six years. I love the English country house-club feel

M+P: What is the most valuable thing you learned while studying at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design in England?
JAM: Scale, color. Mixing of patterns. To keep rooms friendly and comfortable

M+P: If you could capture the essence of your style in words how would you describe it?
JAM: Spirited!, playful, yet sophisticated

[All images via JAM Inc.]

M+P: Where are your favorite places to shop, in LA or anywhere around the world?
JAM: LONDON, The Hamptons- but mix it with island finds

Much much more of Jeffrey and his designs coming up in Part 2 of the interview, stay tuned....


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