Tuesday, May 31, 2011


To a Jonathan Alder rug

If a picture says a thousand words, I need say no more. Shop JA rugs here and treat not only your feet but your eyes.

Aloha & XO!

Monday, May 30, 2011


LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Pagoda Dinnerware; top: salt & pepper shakers bottom: dinner set

Red on the table today to thank those who keep us safe and honor the ones that we have lost. 
Happy Memorial Day 


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Summer in Paris - DJ Cam ft. Aggun
Diamond Life - Rica Little Louie Vega ft. Julie McKnight
Summer Sun - Koop
Kiss of Life - Sade Rare House Mix
The Funky Lowlives - Latazz
Chasing Pavements - Adele
Tonight - Koop
Glamour girl - Louie Austen
A time for Spring - Nicola Conte
I'm not alone - Calvin Harris

Another romantic weekend in Hawaii with my love. Sleeping in the sand by day & dancing under the moon by night these mostly French inspired beats are just the kind of vibe we love to listen to if we're in relaxed mode. With it being a 4 day weekend- there's a staycation ahead on the calendar for us. Looking forward to more island adventures and relaxing on the beach. Hope everyone has a fabulous and blessed Memorial weekend!

Aloha loves!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Head over heels in love with these darling spaces that gleam with salt air smell just looking at them. Nothing says come on in and relax more to me than beach decor. It's like an instant vacation from a long day, effortlessly sweeping you off your feet to a serene place. How you would like to feel all that when you walk in the door? Well why not give it a test run with these few knock outs.. How inviting were these beauties to you? They each speak to me in different ways but all are infused with the same vibe....comforting & relaxing yet energy giving.

Aloha loves!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Nikki Hilton's Vintage Chanel tray table. This priceless Chanel serving tray, which Hilton found while antiquing in the Hamptons, was converted into a side table. "I only buy things that have some meaning to me," says Hilton. "I don’t put objects in my home just because they look cool." I like where her head is at. I absolutely agree with having pieces in my home that have meaning. My husband is much more sentimental then I am which is very surprising to me still to this day. He has a lot of input into our home decor and he loves it when I come home with a new vintage find and a great story. Although, I haven't scored a vintage Chanel tray table just yet...



If her $2 million 20.5 carat engagement ring doesn't suffice I'm not sure what will. The stunner stone designed by Lorraine Schwartz features a 16.5 carat emerald cut center stone flanked by two 2 carat trapezoids. Kim K is officialy off the market fellas. Her basketball beau Kris Humphries [whom she's being dating since December] popped the question and seems to be a very happy groom to be. This wedding is sure to be ultra snazzy. What colors do you think she'll pick? And who will design the dress? Wonder if it will be another Vera Wang gown like Khloe's or maybe she will go with someone completely different. Let me hear your guesses!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


{Via Veranda}

Oh how I love to step inside the homes of incredibly creative minds. This time it's the Honolulu abode of the late legendary fashion designer Geoffrey Beene. His signature taste & obsession with black and white is strongly apparent in this home. Beene's commitment to graceful spaces filled with energy and a fresh vibe is encompassed in his retreat. Boasting spectacular Hawaii views is just the beginning of what this home has to offer. What do you think of the entirely clean & crisp color palette?

Aloha dears

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Designer Lauren Elaine
Sitting Down With One Of LA's Finest
The San Diego native & L.A. based designer has done it all. She has been extremely successful acting and modeling, and now by creating her own fashion line, has taken her talents to a whole new level. Successfully designing a enchanting fashion line with a the intent of re-inventing the modern day princess. With her pieces being sold nationwide and internationally via online boutiques such as bluefly.com, shopflick.com, & hauteline.com (just to name a few), Lauren's accomplishments are no longer a dream but a reality. Nationwide retailers of her designs include the Kardashian's DASH boutique and stretch from Miami to LA. Right now it's looking like the sky is the limit for LE DESIGNS. L.A. Fashion Week, March 2008 marked the debut of the Lauren Elaine brand. Ever since, LE pieces have graced the runway, red carpet, and pages of magazines such as Vogue and Women's Wear Daily. Today, her brand encompasses four main divisions: The Black Label (Couture Collection), The Black Label SWIM, Black Label Accessories, and Laine by Lauren Elaine (Lifestyle Collection). To me she is a friend, an inspiration, and an exquisite example of a motivated & accomplished woman. Lauren, creator and head designer of LAUREN ELAINE DESIGNS, gives me the details of work and life while rising high in the fashion world right here in this exclusive MALLIE+POSH interview.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
The Interview (Part 1):

M+P: Where do you find inspiration from?
LE: In general, I'd say a majority of my inspiration comes from film, traveling, and wardrobe trends throughout history. I've always loved studying clothing and styles from the past, and incorporating them into new, wearable, and modern silohouettes. I really enjoy classic films and period pieces for this reason, and I've always been fascinated by the transformative nature of fashion. I strive for my collections to tell a story and have a clear theme- much like a film, time period, or place. Before creating a new collection, I usually decide on a certain theme, and the inspiration grows from there. For summer 2011, my overall theme was "Bond Girl"- so I wanted to create strong silohouettes that still maintained a very feminine and regal feel- much like the leading ladies in any Bond movie. A woman who can take care of herself, but is still very elegant and alluring- the "princess" but not the "damsel in distress". And although it's a little abstract- I take huge inspiration from music. To me, music is incredibly transforming, and I usually have a set song that becomes a sort of theme song for each collection or season. Usually, the songs end up in the campaign films or on the runway soundtracks.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: Favorite piece you have designed and why?
LE: That's a toss up! I'd have to say either the "Kimberly" dress or the "Amelia" dress. I've always been partial to the "Kimberly" dress in black because it's my version of a "little black dress." It's classic, but with a twist- and not too plain or proper. It's also very flattering on many body types and ages. And I love the "Amelia" because its very feminine, fun to wear, and has just the right amount of detailing. You can also get away with wearing it year round, and it can be dressed up, or kept simple. The asymmetrical neckline is also my personal favorite. And while I love designing and wearing gowns and more intricate pieces, I appreciate the simplicity and easy elegance of the "Kimberly" and "Amelia." They are definitely go-to pieces for a last minute party or event.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: What is your color of choice to wear? To design with?
LE: I love color! I rarely wear black (although I appreciate it's ease). My favorite color to wear is probably coral pink- because I always feel energized and alive while wearing it. I'm pretty fair-skinned, and it always makes me feel tan. My favorite color to design with is red, or variations of red. Red makes a statement, and is unforgettable. I also have a thing for red gowns. They tend to show up in a lot of my collections:)
Photo by Villanueva Stone
For all of Lauren Elaine's designs visit: http://www.lauren-elainedesigns.com/
Up next is Part 2, a more personal look at Lauren Elaine. Don't miss it.

Monday, May 23, 2011


'Distinctive, painterly fabrics are the hallmark of the designer Allegra Hicks' -The Telegraph, UK

Hugely loved and respected London based designer Allegra Hicks offers everything from women's ready to wear to interior textiles and now she's gracing the bookshelves. Of course I have my own copy if for nothing else.. the pattern on the cover itself. Brilliant and completely applicable. This read, at only $26 [steal], is packed with rich textiles, savvy tips, and 224 pages of colorful inspiration. Pick it up and hear what she has to say, like how she feels about textures, 'I don’t feel that design should be overpowering,’ she says. 'Different textures, colours and patterns create little stories in which one can feel at home. Texture is very important because that’s what makes a place feel luxurious without huge expense.’ Just a tiny taste of her thoughts. Oh, and another favorite, 'Scale is important in any design whether it’s a rug, a dress or a piece of jewellery,’ she says. 'A repeat of a small leaf looks like a leaf but, on a very large scale, the same leaf becomes an abstract design. And you’ve got to interest the eye at different heights, whether you’re sitting or standing.' She's dead on. Love her, love her book. Go get it or swing by barnes&noble for a while and dive in!


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Good morning to another lovely weekend day. Slip into my Sunday best and head to church with my handsome & precious husband then it's off to brunch at the Koa Malina Club. Although, if these were the double doors off my bedroom I might consider staying in all morning. Quaint and charming little porch complete with tea and crumpets. Absolutely adore the iron work details on the railing & the dainty iron table + chairs to match. Keeps the outdoors the focal point.

Aloha dear ones!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


some of my absolute favorite design reads

Beauty, Couture, Design, Stories, Advice, Inspiration.

Some mornings are just meant for indulging. Early Saturday morning in Hawaii is my pick. With the chiseled mountains in view, windows open letting in the ocean breeze & my husband laying beside me locked in to the iPad reading the latest news, it's time to go between the bines. Burying my face into these little bad boys is of the upmost fun when I just want to cuddle up & feel fabulous. {recommended while in a silk & lace tank, high bun, and aquaphor coated lips...well, it works for me :)}

Aloha & happy Saturday loves!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hits close to home

Being from Atlanta this Buckhead, Atl beauty jumped out at me and I had to share. Not only because of my love roots but merely the subtle yet undeniable posh character & loveliness of this abode. The real question is how do YOU feel about it? Note: the consistent understated elements throughout and then in the very last photo of the back hallway you find bold & clear attitude in the large scale geometric wallpaper. I'm feeling like I adore the unexpected excitement. But that's just me.. ;)


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