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Designer Lauren Elaine
Sitting Down With One Of LA's Finest
The San Diego native & L.A. based designer has done it all. She has been extremely successful acting and modeling, and now by creating her own fashion line, has taken her talents to a whole new level. Successfully designing a enchanting fashion line with a the intent of re-inventing the modern day princess. With her pieces being sold nationwide and internationally via online boutiques such as bluefly.com, shopflick.com, & hauteline.com (just to name a few), Lauren's accomplishments are no longer a dream but a reality. Nationwide retailers of her designs include the Kardashian's DASH boutique and stretch from Miami to LA. Right now it's looking like the sky is the limit for LE DESIGNS. L.A. Fashion Week, March 2008 marked the debut of the Lauren Elaine brand. Ever since, LE pieces have graced the runway, red carpet, and pages of magazines such as Vogue and Women's Wear Daily. Today, her brand encompasses four main divisions: The Black Label (Couture Collection), The Black Label SWIM, Black Label Accessories, and Laine by Lauren Elaine (Lifestyle Collection). To me she is a friend, an inspiration, and an exquisite example of a motivated & accomplished woman. Lauren, creator and head designer of LAUREN ELAINE DESIGNS, gives me the details of work and life while rising high in the fashion world right here in this exclusive MALLIE+POSH interview.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
The Interview (Part 1):

M+P: Where do you find inspiration from?
LE: In general, I'd say a majority of my inspiration comes from film, traveling, and wardrobe trends throughout history. I've always loved studying clothing and styles from the past, and incorporating them into new, wearable, and modern silohouettes. I really enjoy classic films and period pieces for this reason, and I've always been fascinated by the transformative nature of fashion. I strive for my collections to tell a story and have a clear theme- much like a film, time period, or place. Before creating a new collection, I usually decide on a certain theme, and the inspiration grows from there. For summer 2011, my overall theme was "Bond Girl"- so I wanted to create strong silohouettes that still maintained a very feminine and regal feel- much like the leading ladies in any Bond movie. A woman who can take care of herself, but is still very elegant and alluring- the "princess" but not the "damsel in distress". And although it's a little abstract- I take huge inspiration from music. To me, music is incredibly transforming, and I usually have a set song that becomes a sort of theme song for each collection or season. Usually, the songs end up in the campaign films or on the runway soundtracks.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: Favorite piece you have designed and why?
LE: That's a toss up! I'd have to say either the "Kimberly" dress or the "Amelia" dress. I've always been partial to the "Kimberly" dress in black because it's my version of a "little black dress." It's classic, but with a twist- and not too plain or proper. It's also very flattering on many body types and ages. And I love the "Amelia" because its very feminine, fun to wear, and has just the right amount of detailing. You can also get away with wearing it year round, and it can be dressed up, or kept simple. The asymmetrical neckline is also my personal favorite. And while I love designing and wearing gowns and more intricate pieces, I appreciate the simplicity and easy elegance of the "Kimberly" and "Amelia." They are definitely go-to pieces for a last minute party or event.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: What is your color of choice to wear? To design with?
LE: I love color! I rarely wear black (although I appreciate it's ease). My favorite color to wear is probably coral pink- because I always feel energized and alive while wearing it. I'm pretty fair-skinned, and it always makes me feel tan. My favorite color to design with is red, or variations of red. Red makes a statement, and is unforgettable. I also have a thing for red gowns. They tend to show up in a lot of my collections:)
Photo by Villanueva Stone
For all of Lauren Elaine's designs visit: http://www.lauren-elainedesigns.com/
Up next is Part 2, a more personal look at Lauren Elaine. Don't miss it.

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