Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Reminiscent of the ocean water, Hawaiian water especially, this precious garden boasts my absolute favorite blues and greens. Soothing yet, cheerful this little hideaway is rich in texture and color. Speaking of gardens.. the newest editions to my own garden are baby aloe plants that I just received from one of my best friends. Looking forward to nurturing them and my other plants well enough to get a photo up. The lanai is by far one of my favorite spots in our home, stay tuned for photos of it to come! ;)


Monday, August 29, 2011


YSL Arty Ring, click here

Wouldn't mind if one of these showed up in my jewelry bowl this morning.... preferably the turquoise one. What about you?

Happy Monday darlings

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Weekends in Hawaii.... beach bliss. Crystal clear water, steady salty breeze and plenty of sunshine is what you will find here on the islands. All you need is a cute suit and a pair of posh shades. Ready, set, beach. See you on the flip side ;)


Friday, August 26, 2011


Punalu'u Beach, East side Oahu

"A little sea-bathing would set me up for ever."

- Jane Austen

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Shell & Jute Tassel, Tara Shaw Masion $38 [not online]

Marchmont Sideboard, OuterBanksTradingGroup $1,646

Coral & Shell Spoons, TableArt $40

Hammock Chair, North Shore Boutique $189 [not online]

Here are my favorite beach finds for the home this month. I've decided this will be a monthly affair. Each month I will bring a strictly 'shore things' post with my fav posh beach finds :) Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Blissful Orange, Martin Senour Paints

Morning Sunrise, Valspar
Gold Finch, Ralph Lauren
Golden City, Ace

Zesty oranges and cheerful yellows add a fresh punch of style to any space. Hues this hot will give you enough energy to forgo your first cup of coffee in the morning. Add a fresh splash of citrus in your life!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa, Chester

Blue and green are some of the sweetest companions. These two homey hues not only offer the reminder of the ocean but ooze the calming effects of the waves long after the sand leaves your toes. Don't just take my word for it...


Monday, August 22, 2011


Cartouche bracelet, $2,300

Jumbo bracelet, $245

Cavalcadour silk 36" scarf, $385

Hermes mood anyone??


Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last Christmas I received this from my incredibly insightful husband. He knows I adore digging deeper into the history of design and that of course includes fashion design. This read is ultra posh and brilliantly unique....

'In this extraordinary collection, the glorious life of the incomparable Coco Chanel shines again through the insider photographs of renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland, who was sent on assignment to photograph the aging genius in 1962 and ended up living with her for three weeks. COCO CHANEL: THREE WEEKS IN 1962 reveals these never-before-seen photographs in all their vibrancy, shedding new light and life on one of the world's most enduring, multifaceted, and bestselling fashion legends of all time, names by Time magazine as one of the one hundred most influential people of the twentieth century.'
[the back cover]

I highly recommend it...


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Press loves him, the industry respects him, and the public admires him, oh ..and then there's his clients, well they adore him! Jeffrey Marks is doing spectacular work in the design industry and in the process he has put his touch on just about every facet of creative design. He has a line of custom furniture (available through A Rudin Showrooms across the US), a new custom lighting line in the works, and also a coffee table book that is to be released in early 2012. As you can see (and lucky for us) Marks' is making available his passion and fantastic eye for design in a multitude of different avenues. Even with all of these projects he still manages to make time to star in a tv show and enjoy an active role as part of the social scene in California. Impressive, to say the least! Well here is part 2 loaded with more juicy secrets from Jeffrey.. Indulge!

The Interview, Part 2

M+P: What is the secret to juggling it all? Filming, working on projects, everyday life.
JAM: List! I work from 7am-6pm six days a week. When I take vacations I completely shut down ... But I cant help myself not to search out local Antiques shops wherever I am. Filming is like a whole other job! The trick is to treat it like a design job and put my own spin on it.

M+P: So how did you fall into doing Million Dollar Dectorators? What is it like being filmed while working?
JAM: The producers saw Kathryn and I at a party and how much fun we were having. From there she brought Martyn on, and I asked Mary. We are all good friends. ... Sometimes...

M+P: What projects do you enjoy more, residential or commercial and why?
JAM: I love the absolute details in Residential. I can spend hours on a table I am designing for a dining room and my clients trust me to do so. Commercial is fun because everyone can see the space I created. The budget is always far less but its always a fun hangout!

M+P: When you are given a blank slate where do you start?
JAM: The Floor, the windows

[All Images via JAM Inc.]

M+P: What would you say are the most important elements of successful design?
JAM: Consistency! And by all means a sense of humor!

To say thank you to Jeffrey for this special interview would be an understatement. Taking time out of his outrageously busy schedule to give me all the details was beyond wonderful of him. I have to say while putting this feature together and working with him I certainly was taken back at how down to earth and friendly he is. Such an amazing designer but also a truly lovely person. He is absolutely worth following and keeping an eager eye out for his work. I hope you enjoyed this and much as I enjoyed putting it together!


Monday, August 15, 2011


Being among the cast of the wildly successful Bravo show 'Million Dollar Decorators' only scratches the surface of Jeffrey Alan Marks’ design depth. His firm JAM Inc., which started over 15 years ago, serves as his main platform to display his projects. His work suggests the most beautiful mixture of relaxed California ease with combined English formality and his creative, lively and laid-back approach to design is refreshing. Marks’ colorful and fun style is translated through his designs in spectacular ways and unexpected touches. It is because of all these things that Jeffrey is an internationally celebrated designer with a portfolio packed full of incredibly fantastic residential and commercial projects. Developing custom luxury homes across the world in addition to expansive commercial property including restaurants and retail stores, Marks’ skills/talents are endless. Dying for more info on this captivating and inspiring designer? You're in luck! M+P has a packed 2 part interview with Jeffrey starting right here... Enjoy ;)

The Interview, Part 1

M+P: When did you first know you wanted to be a designer?
JAM: When I was decorating my fraternity house in college. My big brother pulled me aside...

M+P: Your years of living in Milan and Paris and studying in London show up in your designs through incorporated English elements. How would you say those years spent in Europe shape your designs today?
JAM: I went to school there for design after college and modeled to pay for it. I was all over Europe for six years. I love the English country house-club feel

M+P: What is the most valuable thing you learned while studying at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design in England?
JAM: Scale, color. Mixing of patterns. To keep rooms friendly and comfortable

M+P: If you could capture the essence of your style in words how would you describe it?
JAM: Spirited!, playful, yet sophisticated

[All images via JAM Inc.]

M+P: Where are your favorite places to shop, in LA or anywhere around the world?
JAM: LONDON, The Hamptons- but mix it with island finds

Much much more of Jeffrey and his designs coming up in Part 2 of the interview, stay tuned....


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