Monday, September 29, 2014


Use furniture to anchor and ground the look.

No hammer, no problem. Create a gallery wall on existing floating or built in shelves. It makes the look nearly effortless and easy to switch around.

Hang old with new. Absolutely using vintage frames with new modern frames is a-ok. Just the same it's fine to mix a historic print with a portrait of your family or yesterday's beach scene. It gives interest and a cultured look. 

Go big. Theres no 'gallery wall rule' that says a specific number is the key so use a large space as the perfect opportunity to go big with your design.

Don't be afraid of color, be bold and embrace hues that you love.

Mix in a mirror to the look to add dimension and depth

now get busy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Excited to announce that we have officially moved. Leaving the land of aloha is extremely bittersweet and there's certainly no simple way to say goodbye. Luckily, we will return one day so that keeps our hearts warm as our feet take us to many different (and this time - cold) places! Our next adventure is happening in Washington, DC for the year. By next summer we will be on the move again, but for now it's time to enjoy this great city so rich in history and exciting events. Stay tuned for more frequent blogging as there was an absence for awhile due to big projects and crazy working hours. Looking forward to writing again. 

much love,

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