Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So simple and so easy, so pretty. Try a white or yellow candle surround by dried corn in a plain hurricane or jar.

Decorating the table is about focal points, just like a room. By using one object en mass it creates a statement. Try fall fruits such as pears, apples, or oranges in a hurricane for a instant eye catching piece.

    Branch out from the typical Thanksgiving color palette and dress your table in earthy tones of brown and greens. A rich chocolate table cloth anchors the visual display. Try small vases filled with fresh greenery and tall green tapers for a soft glow.

For a traditional look with a twist arrange a line of miniature pumpkins in the center of the table and weave double-faced ribbon around them. Top with a bittersweet stem for a blaze of color.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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