Wednesday, November 2, 2011


If you've ever wondered what me in apartment form would look like, well, here you are ladies and gentleman.

The November issue of Elle Decor landed on my kitchen island and I began to scroll through as I always do, until THIS Manhattan apartment was before my eyes. And there I sat in pure delight dumbfounded at how this gloriously designed space spilled out of my head into reality without me being present. It's quite the mystery, actually. :) Just about the only thing I would change about this space before moving in would be switching out the artwork with mine and my husband's pieces. Claiborne Sawnson Frank [new bride] recruited her mother-in-law for the job of putting her and her husband's first home together. It's looking like that was a fabulous decision! The patterns and colors throughout this home are dead on with my taste. The living room [first photo] is elegant but not overdone, sophisticated but not stuffy. I love glamour but not when it's not inviting or comfortable. Yes, a space should be oh-so posh but it also must be extremely livable. Here this NYC apartment encompasses just that vibe. Super polished yet cozy. Hope you enjoyed viewing this slice of heaven in the city as much as I did! Happy Wednesday loves


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