Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Things I Can't Live Without

New Year New Loves

So last Summer when I started blogging I gave you a 'posh worthy' list of a few things I love and use everyday. Well, with it being a new year of course there is a new list. Besides the loves of my life my incredible husband, family, and friends, here is a new list of a few favorite things....

1. My Tory Burch tote is my second husband

2. I'm exceptionally in love with candles we have them all over our house. My husband's favorite candle is the WoodWick because of the crackling noise. One of these bad boy's resides in almost every room..

3. I adore cuddling up and I catch a chill faster than most normal human beings...hints why my cashmere throw and I are two peas in a pod 

4. Favorite lipstick at the moment is Chanel Rouge Coco in Perle

5. Kenra's entire line of Volumizing products is a must for these locks. Works wonders on my fine, long, straight, very volumized challenged hair

6. I could go my entire life without the latest technology and be more than content, my better half.. not a chance. Even though it is not my thing I have to admit when it comes to anything Apple I'm in love. Compliments of my husband we house every Apple product under the sun in our home. I rotate through the iMac, iPad, and my macbook. They are without a doubt the essentials for best web browsing, picture editing, and of course blogging ;)

7. Absolute favorite moisturizer. It hydrates better than anything else I have replaced my Clinque moisture surge moisturizer that never really gave me the real hydration I wanted. Try this if you want moisturizer that truly does what it says it will

8. Aromatherapy Stress Relief Lotion, it's the Spa at home

9. A large, thick, fluffy towel is always a must. The Hotel Collection towels are the most plush towels that will ever touch your body. They are worth every penny

10. Last but not least {aka most importantly} perfume. In my opinion a girl can never have too many bottles of perfume. I like to have a perfume for every mood and occasion. Every Christmas there is another {or two} on my wish list it's become a tradition. For 2011 favorite scents thus far are Very Hollywood by MK and Flora by Gucci

Hope you enjoyed my new list of posh things for the start of 2011 :) Happy Thursday M+P loves


1 comment:

  1. I am loving that Tote!
    We are also a Wood Wick Family -- I think we need stock in the Co...we buy that much haha


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