Friday, January 28, 2011

How To: Makeover That Same Old Sofa

1 Sofa, 6 Different Looks
Via House Beautiful

In the February issue {on stands now} of House Beautiful magazine there is a splendid spread of 6 simple pillow arrangements reinventing the same sofa. Different pillows on your old sofa can satisfy your re-vamp need so effortlessly! Check it out..

1. Collected
By mixing different patterns, colors, and sizes you can achieve a look that is eclectic and very relaxed. Just make sure to still use some pairs and the colors are of the same saturation {like here}.

2. Texture
Nothing like the polished look of a monochromatic color scheme. Here you definitely want to be sure and mix textures to keep it interesting. Different sizes and shades of creme and white will do the trick. This is so clean and crisp- the ultimate girl sofa. {Not exactly kid or male friendly ;)}

3. Pairing
When pairing you accomplish a balanced and harmonious feel. This is a very clean look also. With the dark solid and wild pattern you really get an aesthetically pleasing combo. Pairing is an easy way to 'dress up' a sofa.

4. Color
Using color is a great and fun way to break up the beige. If you want simple and easy this is the way to go. With this direction though, I'd love to put colors you wouldn't expect together for instance salmon and celedon.

5. Narrative
If you are very sentimental person this is a really cool idea. This person had custom pillow made with photos of their dogs. Sweet. The black and creme are a good foundation while the different patterns and asymmetrical arrangement of the pillows are great for the eye.

6. Shapes
I always love unique and unexpected and round pillows are just that. Shapes are a great way to change up the look giving the sofa a totally new vibe. Especially love these with feathers- so earthy and organic!

Hope you enjoyed! Maybe one of these will inspire you to create a new look in your home :)
Happy Friday loves...soak up the weekend!

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