Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today I'm lost in wallcoverings! A good kind of lost. I can sit for hours and search through these beauties. The textures, patterns, and colors captivate my imagination and my mind is locked in on a world of creativity. Naturally, praised fashion designer vivienne westwood's wallpapers would be no exception to this love affair. Above I've chosen a few of my favorite designs of hers to give you a sneak peek at the line.. 


Monday, February 25, 2013


Coastal Modern by Tim Clarke

It's been awhile since I posted about a good read and after digging into this one over the weekend I had to share! Today's feature is the perfect choice for a little book smart design session. Whether you like coastal decor or not this read has plenty of inspiring elements for all design tastes. Dive into some sensational spaces and drift away to the sand and the sea. Happy reading!

"Coastal Modern shares my aesthetic of breezy elegance in more than 250 transporting photographs by award-winning photographer Noah Webb (Dwell, Vanity Fair, Travel + Leisure). These pages feature dozens of seamlessly connected indoor/outdoor spaces (many with jaw dropping views) and sprawling rooms with clean lines, organic shapes and materials, a mix of textures and colors inspired by the sea and the sand." - Notes from Tim Clarke website


Friday, February 22, 2013


Simplistic in form, yet beautifully detailed, the Shipley lounge chair is a modern take on the classic wingback chair. The comfort of this chair is not to be understated but the aesthetic design is what speaks to me most. The soft curves combined with the hard lines are a striking match made in heaven. What can I say though, McGuire rarely gets it wrong. Dramatic designs, artful lines and unparalleled hand craftsmanship make McGuire the highly sought after brand that they are. The entire new Jackson Square line is just fantastic but the Shipley is what's on my mind at the moment..


Thursday, February 21, 2013


The Jeffrey Alan Marks collection for Palecek has officially launched and I for one, am enthused about it! Bravo's Million Dollar Decorator Jeffrey Marks nailed it with this amazing new line. The materials used are exquisite and the entire collection is a fantastic embrace to coastal living no matter what your style may be. Jeffrey found a way to mix and combine the perfect elements to offer simply fabulous living by the water. The La Jolla collection is by far my favorite, I fell in lust with the colors, lines and textures of it. The hues of grey, blue, and cream that make up the collection are just the kind of tones that soothe the soul and sing of the ocean. Looking for more of Jeffrey and his work? Be sure to check out my exclusive interview with him in Part 1 and Part 2  right here on the blog!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Swooning over another chandelier...are you surprised?! How sweet is this coastal chic beauty? It's the perfect statement piece for any home but most certainly appropriate for a beach home. Sporting the color of the sand this chandelier brings the outdoors in with an effortless ocean flair. Must I remind you, lighting is everything....

Here's to a well lit Wednesday loves!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


1. heart bowls; westelm  2. titan bracelet; vitafede  3. scarf; calyspost.barth  
4. heart mug; westelm  5. bellini candle; calyspost.barth  6. love pillow; laylagrace

Not too much longer now! What things are you dreaming of this Valentine's? Above is a peek at some of my favorites! It's not Valentine's without some sweet swag..


Friday, February 8, 2013



 hit runway feb 7

It's here. Mercedes Benz fashion week is upon us and first up on my got-to-post-about is BCBG. The show was live at 10am in NYC yesterday and I watched via the wonderful world wide web on the official MBFW site. Second best to sitting first row there is sitting first row in bed, who's with me? Let's get to it, as soon as I saw this ensemble I had a room running through my head. I fell in love instantly with this luscious beauty of a coat and was so inspired to pull together a rough design from it. Can you see how the textures, colors and style inspired the pieces I chose? The leather covering the models legs and arms lead me to the leather chaise and the added attitude of the acrylic base was just was I was looking for. With the rug, I sought to capture the color of the skirt and texture of the coat. The coat also inspired the hue of the sofa and the sofa's style represented the urban and modern feel you get from the outfit overall. The artwork pulled the blue and gray from this look and brought depth just as the coat does. The gold side table, I just couldn't resist. Hope you enjoyed my interpretation...more to come from Fashion Week, stay close! TGIF xx  


Thursday, February 7, 2013


 The element of surprise in design is one to not overlook. By keeping the space interesting you keep the  room to be desired. One way of achieving that is through unexpected ceilings. These rooms above are fabulous examples of bold or subtle ways of implementing this trick. So many people are guilty of thinking that there are 4 walls in a room when, quite actually there are 5. The ceiling in every room is just as important as the 4 vertical walls. It's very important to treat the ceiling in every room with the same attention you do the other 4. Just a little thought for you on this Thursday, xx


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