Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kips Bay SH, New York City {Fourth Floor Level}

Back to the Kips Bay show house
Sorry for the brief pause in coverage of the show house, had a couple of things I needed to squeeze in over the holidays! But back to the jaw dropping design we go. We pick back up on the 4th floor of the house and have still two more to reveal. From the floor plan shown below this floor dons four inspirational rooms to fall in love with. Check them out...

As you walk up the winding stairway you come to this landing.. which is perfectly and tastefully full of attitude! I would LOVE to read and work in this space. It just has an air about it, gleaming with color and exciting textures.

Robert Verdi and Deidre D'ella Interior Design

Coffinier Ku designs, ltd

How fabulous is this twist on bubble bath and the painted ceiling?? I would hide away in here for hours

Coffinier Ku designs, ltd

The Jeffrey Design Group
The master bedroom had definite touches of old hollywood coming through the overall feel. I could crawl up in this bed everyday in a heartbeat. My eyes enjoyed the lightweight white fabrics that covered the room with a romantic foundation.

All and all this was one of my favorite floors...but HOW can you pick a favorite in this place, I mean come on.
Hope you are anxious for the 2 floors left! They will blow your socks off just like the ones thus far-


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  1. LOVE the MBR carpet- maybe cause i designed it! lol LOVE THE PHOTO thanks for posting!

    Loretta G.


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