Saturday, November 20, 2010

Manicure Magic

Anyone looking for a professional manicure you can get at home?
I don't know about you but I certainly do not have enough time every week to squeeze a nail date in. It just isn't in the books for me, and with the type of work I'm in I'm always using my hands so my nails tend to chip even easier because they are exposed that much more. All that to say- I'VE FOUND THE ANSWER! News flash in beauty ladies!

Seche Vite

This fast dry top coat is a new obsession/love of mine. You apply after painting the color on nails and it makes them dry immediately, protecting the nails from smudging. This is huge because it is about impossible for me to sit still long enough to keep my nails perfect. This clear coat also is HIGH SHINE and puts a thick protective layer over nails making it look exactly like a professional mani. You can find Vite at beauty stores, {some} local pharmacies, ulta and even target! Go get yours today... professional manicure in a bottle is waiting for you! Go get some and give me feedback :) Happy Weekend loves!


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