Thursday, April 16, 2015


              This was a truly fantastic way to start my week. I'm a day or two behind but had to share my enormous thanks to Build Direct for the support. Also, a special thanks and appreciation to Amanda Miller, writer of the article. Humbled and thrilled to share I'm included among the extraordinarily talented list of designers chosen as 15 Best Interior Designers of Honolulu! Couldn't be more grateful or honored for this nomination! Love what I do and love this industry. Always striving to build it's integrity and most of all growing the business of helping people live in the space of their dreams that brings inspiration and joy to their lives. Thank you all for the support and following, would be humbled to get your vote (it's a simple one click, no email required). Read the full article and cast your vote right here on Build Direct!

thank you a million times over,

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