Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Storage How To

This how to you are about to see is fun, custom, and extremely affordable. Those three things are very rarely said together.

Super chic and cheap

Do you need a pretty way to store some items? We all could use more storage it seems like! This look can be done anywhere in the house. It's easy, simple and only consists of a few things. Most importantly, a beautiful old frame and floating shelves inserted inside the frame.

Materials you'll need: Old frame, paint, 1" x (width TBD) sized wood from your home improvement store, measuring tape, at least 4 wood screws, and picture hanging hooks...and a man with some power tools ;)

1. First is the fun & extremely affordable part of this easy project. Find your local antique/good will/thrift store. Go shopping for an inexpensive thick frame. Depending upon what you want to store should determine the size (but don't stress about that to much). And I cannot say this enough- do not overlook a beaten up frame. The chipped paint and missing edges of the frame give it character so pick a style you like and do not worry about the condition of how it looks, just make sure it is sturdy and will be durable!

2. Customize. Once you have found the frame you are using you need measure the depth so you can get the correct size wood to use as shelving. You also need to decide if you want to leave it the way it is or paint it, that way you can pick up paint and wood at the same time! Measure the depth of your frame and get the same size piece of wood to match. It will be 1" by something. You could always carry the frame to the home improvement store and they can help you with that. As far as paint goes you have a couple of options. You could paint the frame & shelves the color of your wall to give the illusion of the things floating on the shelves which would be unique and definite eye-catching look. You could also paint it gold, off white, or black which are all used as neutrals these days. Pick a look that goes with the rest of your house decor and accessories you have. All you need to do now is pick up the wood & paint and get to work! Have your man with the power tools saw the wood down to make shelves that will fit inside the frame. Once you have cut the wood into shelves paint the frame and shelves to match and let them dry. Lastly use the wood screws to mount the shelves into the frame on the sides and hang the frame in place with a couple of picture hooks. Ta da!

You now have a completely custom storage piece! When all of your friends ask where you bought it you will totally impress them by saying you did it yourself :) Nothing is more fun than taking pride in a creation thats all your own! Now go get shopping for that gorgeous old frame..Have fun!


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  1. This is an absolutely fabulous idea! I must rush out and find some thrift frames for this project. I just love working with them. Check out what I did the last time I found some.


    Thanks for sharing,


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