Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Easy Holiday Napkin Rings

Here are some beautiful yet simple napkin rings for your holiday table

A simple, ruffled red ribbon makes a holiday setting even more festive. Roll the napkins, secure them with ribbon!

An embellished napkin deserves a refined ribbon. Tip: Be sure to use extra-sharp scissors so that your cuts are crisp and clean. Save the ribbons and reuse them for all your holiday entertaining.

Fold your napkin in a square, and tie it like a package with pretty silk ribbon. Tip: Make the bows really pop by using wire ribbon. It's available at crafts stores and is inexpensive when you buy it by the roll.

A miniature stocking filled with sprigs of fresh herbs makes an unexpected napkin ring. Other great holiday stocking stuffers include candy canes, cinnamon sticks, or swizzle sticks.

For a natural sparkle On a plain linen napkin, tie a bow with sheer metallic ribbon and attach "bells" of milk chocolate kisses. This will give family and friends a sweet treat to remember the gathering.

Dress up your table with this no-brainer idea: Tie a sprig of a pine branch onto the napkin with a red satin ribbon.

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Are you ready? It's sneaking up! :)

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