Saturday, December 18, 2010

Book Smart

Sit down, cuddle up, and read..

Around the holidays is a great time for a good read. From here on out I would like to try to give you a "book smart" post once a week. Would love to show you some wonderful reads I've enjoyed at least once. So if you are hungry to dive into the books look for this post weekly. I look forward to sharing these with you!

First on the list is: The Art of Tile - Designing with Time Honored and New Tiles by Jen Renzi

Jen Renzi (former senior editor of Interior Design magazine) covers a plentiful amount of applications in this comprehensive book of tiles. Being of one of the most versatile building products, tile can be used in a multitude of ways. From indoor to outdoor, flooring to countertops, back splashes to decorative art, the styles and varieties of tiles create endless options. Pick this up and take in almost an infinite amount of tile. Featuring design lessons, real life installations, and an impressive catalog of over 1,000 choices of tile this book is a must see!

happy reading :)

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