Monday, November 29, 2010

Kips Bay SH, New York City {Penthouse Floor Level}

Up up up we go

All the way to the PH floor. We finally made it! After Emily and I went through the house and looked through this floor we stopped, looked at each other and said we have to do it again...And we did. :) We didn't want to miss a beat and knew that our eyes were trying to take so much in the first time seeing the house so we walked back through a second time. It was a fantastic idea, we had a new perspective seeing it a second time and caught things we missed the first go around. I think we both could have spent a whole day in the house! As you can see from the floor plan below the PH floor offers a grand space for Jennifer Post to display three brilliant designs. On the back side of the house is a spa room, then the middle is a very spacious sitting/living area, and then the front of the mansion is an outside rooftop area. All three are spectacular!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed getting a tour of the NYC Kips Bay show house! I had a blast going to see it and sharing it with you! Next show house on the list is the Washington Design Center's design house. Can't wait to show you the sensational designs displayed there. Stay tuned, I'll have it up soon!

Au Revior

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