Monday, November 8, 2010

Look Love

Looking Back
I am constantly referring back to my "POSH" library stash which is perpetual. Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, you name it ..I have piles and piles in my office that my husband occasionally chuckles at. The thing is as time goes on there are so many pages to be rediscovered, splendid ensembles awaiting to be just the inspiration I was looking for one or even two years later. With that being said I want to now and then give you a Look Love post. Meaning I've run across a look while flipping back through the pages in which I'm in love with. Here is my first love

The shoes may not be an everyday look but the idea I love here is that even though a sweater dress can be sexy (if it shows off your curves) it can also be drab without an attitude/accessorized touch. In this case these stunning shoes create the perfect addition of glistening sass to a what was otherwise just another everyday sweater dress, nothing really special.


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