Tuesday, July 19, 2011


You'll know you've checked into paradise when you're greeted by a pink-attired hotel- staff members serving freshly squeezed fruit juice, an oshibori towel, and exquisite flower leis. Welcome to Hawaii... more specifically welcome to The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Porte Cochere Driveway


Guest room

Coconut Lanai


View of Diamond Head

Tickle me pink...
Here's one of the most sensational places to spend some shut eye and heavenly Hawaii moments. The Royal Hawaiian not only offers the life of luxury but precise Aloha spirit. Complete with a purely pink facade and delicious lounging, dining, and sleeping arrangements this hotel is sure to sweep you off your feet. Boasting phenomenal sights and smells of that which the islands offer, the RH has been designed to bring the outdoors in. And rightly so- with a low of 72, high of 85 year round why wouldn't you maximize any opportunity to enjoy the heavenly weather? Not only with a smart design but stylish one, the colors and textures used throughout this hotel have a definite POSH flair. Like I said... Beware, once you go Royal Hawaiian you never go back.


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