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Established, fabulous, and accomplished. Designer Erinn Valencich has founded and grown a blossoming LA-based design firm that encompasses projects, furniture lines, and a new store [to open on Robertson Blvd]. Her work is colorful and creative, and it certainly shows an appreciation for the POSH details. Erinn has made numerous TV appearances, hosting specials on HGTV and featured on "The View", E!, "Access Hollywood" and more. She has also been showcased in major design publications including Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, Home Decor, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping. Designing for celebrities and Hollywood events Erinn has stormed the design industry and we're about to get the juicy details! I recently got to chat with Erinn to find out more about her and what all goes into her word & life in the design industry. Enjoy the wonderful insight she has to offer!

The Interview, Part 1:

M+P: How did you become interested in Interior Design and when did you first know you wanted to be a designer?
ErinnV: I have always loved homes and design. I grew up in a very creative family. My father studied architecture directly under Frank Lloyd Wright, and my mother is the daughter of a contractor and fine-cabinet maker and the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. I grew up gardening, and painting and re-doing every home we’ve ever lived in with her. When I was 18 I started working for a lifestyle expert, and ran her company for six years. After decorating my first apartment, my friends kept pushing me to be a go out on my own as a designer. I am a jump-first kind of person. I didn’t go to design school, I just started playing with my own apartment, which led to my first job, which led to the next. I’m always learning and playing with color and experimenting with ideas and looks.

M+P: You are currently working on the opening of your first store, can you please tell us a little about it?
ErinnV: I am launching my 40-piece furniture collection with a retail store on Robertson Blvd. We are going to have lighting, accessories from Europe and speciality items that you mostly can only find in NYC. I'm excited to bring together a whole-home collection.

M+P: With much success you have built Erinn V Design Group into an emerging lifestyle brand.
What helped take you down the road that led to the rise of EVDG as a well-
established name in the design industry?
ErinnV: I founded my company about seven years ago now. I have worked very hard to get
my name out there, and understand the value of the press, and have a pretty saavy
marketing sensibility from my years working on the PR and Marketing at my prior
company. I think it’s very important to believe in yourself, most of all, and then to be
very clear about your goals. One of my best friends recently joked that I had “steroid
confidence” which makes me laugh, but I think ultimately, any entrepreneur must
posses. In terms of the mechanics of it, getting a great website and brand image
together was important when I started, especially as my work is visual. As an artist
of any sort, you can’t expect to be hired if no one knows about you. Having the right
tools with which to market your self are invaluable.

M+P: Do you have a designer who has inspired you over the years?
ErinnV: I think David Collins is fantastic. I also love a lot of NYC designers like Miles Redd, and Kara Mann in Chicago is great.

[All Images Via Erinn Valencich]

M+P: What are your future/upcoming projects?
ErinnV: I am building a 10,000 square foot modern estate in the Sunset Strip area of Los Angeles with award winning architect, Hagy Belzberg. This is a truly one of a kind modern estate in one of the most desirable areas of Los Angeles. I have also just started my first hotel job in Las Vegas, which is very exciting. I’m designing restaurants, bars, a nightclub and over 1,000 guest rooms.

Part 2 coming up tomorrow


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