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Designing for celebrities and Hollywood events is just the tip of the iceberg for Erinn Valencich. Producing bold and colorful designs that are easy on the eye and grasping a respect for the past and nod to the future, it's no wonder her skills are highly sought after. Erinn's work has been gracing the pages of the top home design publications for years, while she has also hosted special episodes on HGTV and had many other tv appearances. This strong business woman and sensational designer is sharing some tips and secrets right here on M+P. Check out Part 2 of my interview with lady EV...

The Interview, Part 2:

M+P: What is the most rewarding part about designing to you?
ErinnV: Creating a beautiful environment that changes the way people live. I am always so happy to get the phone call after a client has their first party. They are ecstatic to open up their home and have friends and family over. That's the best part.

M+P: Does working with celebrity clients, such as Jaime Pressly and Jennifer
Love Hewitt demand a different work process?
ErinnV: Yes, working with celebrity clients is a different ballgame. They have different needs,
and timelines. But at the end of the day, a home is a home. I have been lucky to
have clients that, for the most part, make decisions quickly and trust in my taste.

M+P: Do you prefer to have painted walls or use wallpaper, and why? Does it depend on the project?
ErinnV: I love wallpaper- I’m obsessed some may say! I have it in 8 rooms in my home! I think it’s fun and can play such a great roll in a space to add color and personality. However it totally depends on the look. Sometimes it’s not appropriate for a look. But I always manage to work some into every project I design, even if it’s an accent wall in an entry, or a powder room. Clients that say “I hate wallpaper” haven’t seen the cool designs that are out there today! And they always end up with at least one room with paper!

M+P: In your opinion what makes a great room?

ErinnV: A great room has personality. A direct vision and a sense of whimsy. A great room is not too serious, but is often times a mix of styles and items that appear to have been found over time. A great room often times has an interesting mix of pattern and texture. A great room is inspiring, unique and fully executed, meaning everything has been thought of from lighting to drapery to rugs to accessories.

[All Images Via Erinn Valencich]

Thank you, Erinn for a fantastic and inspiring interview. To such a wonderful woman and splendid designer M+P wishes Erinn V all the best in all she does. And I know I am not the only one who looks forward to seeing her work for years to come! Cheers to another designer who is making the industry look amazing and bringing a beautiful passion to life.

& Happy Friday loves

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