Thursday, February 21, 2013


The Jeffrey Alan Marks collection for Palecek has officially launched and I for one, am enthused about it! Bravo's Million Dollar Decorator Jeffrey Marks nailed it with this amazing new line. The materials used are exquisite and the entire collection is a fantastic embrace to coastal living no matter what your style may be. Jeffrey found a way to mix and combine the perfect elements to offer simply fabulous living by the water. The La Jolla collection is by far my favorite, I fell in lust with the colors, lines and textures of it. The hues of grey, blue, and cream that make up the collection are just the kind of tones that soothe the soul and sing of the ocean. Looking for more of Jeffrey and his work? Be sure to check out my exclusive interview with him in Part 1 and Part 2  right here on the blog!


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