Friday, February 8, 2013



 hit runway feb 7

It's here. Mercedes Benz fashion week is upon us and first up on my got-to-post-about is BCBG. The show was live at 10am in NYC yesterday and I watched via the wonderful world wide web on the official MBFW site. Second best to sitting first row there is sitting first row in bed, who's with me? Let's get to it, as soon as I saw this ensemble I had a room running through my head. I fell in love instantly with this luscious beauty of a coat and was so inspired to pull together a rough design from it. Can you see how the textures, colors and style inspired the pieces I chose? The leather covering the models legs and arms lead me to the leather chaise and the added attitude of the acrylic base was just was I was looking for. With the rug, I sought to capture the color of the skirt and texture of the coat. The coat also inspired the hue of the sofa and the sofa's style represented the urban and modern feel you get from the outfit overall. The artwork pulled the blue and gray from this look and brought depth just as the coat does. The gold side table, I just couldn't resist. Hope you enjoyed my interpretation...more to come from Fashion Week, stay close! TGIF xx  


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