Monday, November 7, 2011


[Melissa Warner LA aparment]

[Kelly Wearstler design]
It will look like this.
Who better to take cues from then Kelly Wearstler and Melissa Warner? Their designs are incredible and that is no argument. Sometime in the near future a set of hooded beauties [like above] will be sitting in my home. The spot they will take over and the color they will be is undecided but they will be residing in my home. Until then, I will bask in the inspiration from looking at these photos. Love to all of you on this first Monday in November, which.. how did that happen?? Where did the beginning of fall go anyway? I can't believe it- I just got used to writing 2011 and here we are approaching the holidays and a new year again! Oh well, bring on the festivities and holiday parties :)


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