Monday, May 23, 2011


'Distinctive, painterly fabrics are the hallmark of the designer Allegra Hicks' -The Telegraph, UK

Hugely loved and respected London based designer Allegra Hicks offers everything from women's ready to wear to interior textiles and now she's gracing the bookshelves. Of course I have my own copy if for nothing else.. the pattern on the cover itself. Brilliant and completely applicable. This read, at only $26 [steal], is packed with rich textiles, savvy tips, and 224 pages of colorful inspiration. Pick it up and hear what she has to say, like how she feels about textures, 'I don’t feel that design should be overpowering,’ she says. 'Different textures, colours and patterns create little stories in which one can feel at home. Texture is very important because that’s what makes a place feel luxurious without huge expense.’ Just a tiny taste of her thoughts. Oh, and another favorite, 'Scale is important in any design whether it’s a rug, a dress or a piece of jewellery,’ she says. 'A repeat of a small leaf looks like a leaf but, on a very large scale, the same leaf becomes an abstract design. And you’ve got to interest the eye at different heights, whether you’re sitting or standing.' She's dead on. Love her, love her book. Go get it or swing by barnes&noble for a while and dive in!


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