Saturday, May 14, 2011

DEAL Of The Day

Ring Ring Cha Ching!
Calling all deal hunters and money savers, no no calling all POSH lovers and interior enthusiasts! There are deals to be had! Furniture to be desired- guilt free. Don't believe me?!
Looking for a fresh new look for summer, or maybe just on the hunt for some stylish new furniture for your apartment or home? Stop looking. Go ahead, indulge in these two posh pieces! Perfect for a college student, newlyweds, or just a smart shopper this pair is absolutely adorable and INSANELY affordable....prepare yourself!

Mid-Century Sofa (ON SALE $379)

pair it with this Metal Accordion Coffee Table for a precious posh look (ON SALE $64)

You can have these both for less than $450!!!! I know, I know. How did I do it? Umm just a little negotiating with one of my favorite retailers to give you an exclusive MALLIE+POSH price. Sweet, huh? Yes...that was a little stretch of the imagination & you almost believed it didn't you?! :) Ha, one day I will make that happen but for now the reality is Urban Outfitters is having a great home sale. Seriously. Go check it out :)

happy shopping

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