Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Breaks from blogging happen from time to time, some on purpose and some simply due to being busy enjoying life. :) Regardless of all the fun and wonderful things going on I must admit I do miss you readers and writing when I've taken a few days away. With that being said, I began but didn't finish sharing my list of romantic getaways.. it's time to get back on topic and dive into a few more turquoise waters. This five star hotel located on pristine private beachfront property in St Johns, Antigua is a definite stop on our road to romance. A portion of this gorgeous Caribbean escape is nestled into the soft hillside of Antigua offering spectacular views of the water. Rooms choices include ocean front suites and ocean view villas (from above). Both rooms suggest the warmth of the tropics and the relaxation of a quiet and private vacation retreat. The perfectly placed ocean view villas allow for prime views of the tranquil water below and exceptional privacy each with their very own pool. Needless to say, if you're looking for some seriously relaxing one on one time by the water consider this romantic spot. Stick around, two more stops on our tropical travels and we're hitting the Hamptons to see a drop dead gorgeous home on the water, that's all this week on M+P! Happy Tuesday loves!


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