Monday, August 12, 2013


Today is a look inside my commercial shoot for Pacific Home. Visual merchandising has always been an aspect of the design industry that I admire and aspire to do more of. One of the greatest things about the industry is all of the unique avenues within it. From my days working on site in client's homes to meetings with our design team for store buying; time spent in the store putting together vignettes to doing photo shoots and commercials, my heart is always at home. Design has become so many things to me. I have been blessed with an array of roles and responsibilities and for that I am extremely grateful. Cultivating and executing my first commercial shoot was a complete blast and I look forward to doing it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Will share the final result hopefully in the near future but for now, a sneak peek of some shots on set will have to suffice. Hope your week starts out on an inspired note! 


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