Monday, March 12, 2012


Japanese glass fishing floats
When living in Hawaii nautical themed accessories become second nature. Full of mystery and stories of the sea, Japanese fishing floats are a one of a kind piece perfect for giving off a nautical flair. They can be found in an array of serene blue and green tones. As you can see they are most often used for accessorizing and accomplishing an effortless coastal inspired look. Whether on display on the coffee table, strategically hung up to catch your eye, or just nestled together on the floor they are a unique touch that strike up interest. You can find them reproduced with machine made 'character' but the ones that are worth your eye are the vintage floats. Here in Hawaii you can find them hidden in local antique stores maybe with a film of dust on them but rich in history and beauty scars from the ocean. Most times when I run across these fishing floats all I think about is if it could talk and tell tales it's travels in the Pacific waters...

Aloha and Happy Monday loves

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