Friday, September 24, 2010

Night in at the Washington Design Center

Design Center's from east coast to west coast love an excuse to throw and host events in celebration of any noteworthy design happenings. In this case, a party was definitely in order at the W. Design Center as our lobby makeover was just completed this week. Last night was the unveiling celebration of the glistening space by DC native interior designer Gary Lovejoy. Our lobby now dons an uncluttered, bright space with an emphasis on statement accessories. The space gleams natural colors and modernistic touches appropriate for representing our design center. There were phenomenal textures and elements used to excite the eyes and complete the space...I'll explain more in a second. Without further ado {drumroll please!!....}
Our New Lobby

Love at first sight! The floor to ceiling panels are the perfect WOW factor in this space. Amazing effect. Great choice.

The "bubble" chandelier, circular tables, and round backs on the chairs create wonderful movement in the room. Love what they offer this space.

Absolutely adore this screen. I'm a huge fan of encorporating mirrors in almost any design. They are a fantastic piece because of the light reflected off of them and the instant expanding/enlarging of a room once applied. Mirrors are essentials in my design rulebook!

Now a few shots from the party with some of my favorite people in DC

{left to right} Myself, Amanda Welch, Arlene Johnson, Paula Williams and Nicole Hansen

Designer Gloria De Lourdes Blalock, Myself and Madeleine Mitchell

Hope you enjoyed a night in at the WDC! We sure enjoyed the celebration :) Happy Friday to all!
Ciao for now...

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