Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Face-Off, Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana

The Royal Women

The highly anticipated wedding day is finally here, just short time awaits before the unveiling of the dress of the year. Who is ready with me?? While we're waiting E! News online shared a fantastic fashion face-off and I couldn't help but share some of the pictures. In honor of The Royal Wedding Day let's give it up for the most beautiful royal women and their fashion do's & don't s! Here Kate and Diana are up head to head and it's your job to tell me who wins the fashion gold metal..

The Little Black Dress

Beach Bombshell

Fluffing the Feathers

Casual but Classy

Red Hot

Preppy in Plaid

Pretty in Pink

So how did they score... Which one of these ladies has the POSH style that names her the Fashion Queen? Tell me what your vote is! And of course don't forget to catch the best of the Royal Wedding coverage plus the before & after moments on E! News straight from London. Happy Royal Wedding Day!


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