Friday, April 15, 2011


Sneak on in and snuggle up
don't forget to get there early for the previews!

With it being Friday I'm thinking of all the good movies coming out and how I'd rather watch their debut in one of these instead of the theatre....who's with me?! My husband and I are movie lovers, it's our nightly after work out {and now, after walk & playtime on the beach with our new puppy} date. If not every night, every other night we snuggle in and catch a new flick we've usually never seen before. With that being said, we know we'd certainly love having our own great place to have movie nights and enjoy it with friends as well! We only have two extra bedrooms currently and with it being prime vacation location we aren't even considering turning one of them into a home theatre ;) But.. we're already scheming for a really fun and beautiful theatre room down the road! Loving the unique characteristics about all four of these above... which one is your fav?

TGIF, enjoy it darlings!

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