Monday, April 30, 2012


With ongoing projects, company in town, and an island beckoning you every second there are times when blogging just must standby. Sorry for the later part of last week, it slipped away from me! Back on our Melrose stroll we go. :) Next stop, KW flagship store... Holy storefront. It moved me exactly how I hoped it would. She's a master of texture and movement. Just the elements used on the facade are impressively striking full of  intrigue. Her creations have this power of interest woven into them. Check out the jewels on that door pull. The level of thought, passion, and heart that goes into her work is what I admire the most. She pushes the limits and never leaves you desiring more. Kelly Wearstler creations are that which ignite a fire, they pull at you in many ways. Moreover, visiting her store is an experience not just a vision of inspired retail space. If you can, you must go see it for yourself and try to put into words what takes place in the creative corner of your mind. All I can say is more, kw please give us more!

Happy Monday loves!

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