Monday, May 7, 2012


Lonny and I have a common love for glossy black.. but lets be honest, how hard is it to have that in common? My favorite applications of high gloss black is on furniture, walls & trim- although, I envision it most on furniture pieces.  I got bit by the glossy black bug at a young age. I was around age 9 when I first really started paying attention to furniture that spoke to me. I used to tag along with my mother for hours and hours of antiquing in Atlanta, it was something I looked forward to so much. She knew all the best places...and everyone who ran them. My mother is that kind of southern woman who literally knows every soul in town. She doesn't meet a stranger. From our trips I learned an enormous amount about furniture quality, finishes, hardware, and most importantly, potential. It takes a specific visionary eye to see just any armoire, end table, or sofa in the right perspective and grasp the setting for which it should & could be used. I can remember just like yesterday the first time I spotted a vintage buffet that I dreamed of stripping down to the bones and reviving it with a smooth, rich new hue. And to this day of course, my mind goes off into color craze land with even brand new pieces. Over and over again I see something that speaks to me but I just need it in a different finish to achieve perfection. High gloss black is among one of  the most popular colors my head gravitates to. Who else is in the HGB high gloss black club?? Well there's a little color love to start your week off!


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