Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Okay, not in every case but in this case YES! How gorgeous is this pink wallpaper? I can't stop looking at it. I can say that this is not my usual go-to color for walls but it's unexpected and that's what makes it awesome. This wallpaper is artsy, bold, cheerful and sassy- all without being overbearing. I love it! Here's a tip on this Tuesday, get out of your comfort zone. It's a saying I have to use a lot with clients. Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone to be surprised by how incredible your space can be? That is a question I always ask at the beginning of a project. Truth is, if you're not willing to try something new you're guaranteed to miss out on something great. This tip can carry over into any aspect of your life, but I'm definitely encouraging you to focus on letting go and being bold in your own space! xx


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