Monday, October 25, 2010

Today One Year Ago

On one of the most gorgeous fall days I have ever seen... I committed my heart to and life spent with my absolute favorite person on this planet. Sounds overwhelming and seems like so much to take in but I never knew those moments would be so calm and comforting. It literally felt like stepping into a whole other world. A world of unbelievable adventure, constant joy, unconditional love, excitement, and a peace that is so precious. I had always dreamed of a fall wedding, something about the vibrate colors just made it seem like a perfect fit for such a special day...and a perfect fall wedding day it was.

To the man who is always there beside me, who inspires me, loves me beyond what I can believe, leads me, who encourages me, plays little kid and dances around like a crazy person with me, laughs with me, cries with me, sings with me, tells me he's proud of me, and strives everyday to make the most of our life together....Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband, Ryan. I cannot believe we have been on this 24/7 undeniably fun journey together for one whole year now. It seems as though yesterday we were picking our wedding date around the SEC football schedule and I was shopping for that ONE perfect dress to prance down the aisle toward him in.

October 25th 2009
I am absolutely grateful for this day.
A year later we have had so many incredibly awesome memories to look back on and I cannot wait for all this second year has to offer....bring it on! Bring on the love


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