Friday, February 4, 2011


Exclusive Look Into Genlux Magazine 10 Page Spring Spread

As passionate as I am about Interior Design, an extremely close second is Fashion Design. Both industries run parallel in so many ways. This week last year I was in Hollywood, CA having the absolute delight of working as the fashion assistant on this 10 page spring spread. Working on set at the photoshoot and assisting Hollywood stylist Cory Savage {whom also owns CSAVAGE Salon in Hollywood} during the whole process was more than a thrill. From days of running around for wardrobe pick ups to safely getting it all to the shoot and putting together the final touches I had the priviledge of doing it all. Getting behind the scenes on one of these shoots is entirely fasinating. The high energy atmosphere and colaboration of all these talents working together with one goal in mind is an unbelievable experience. Here is a peek inside the shoot and the final product!

A litte Christian Dior, A little Christian Louboutin

Adorable Dior dress paired with YSL heels

One of my favorite ensembles

On the set

Emotions were high when I received my copies of the spring issue in the mail- it turned out even better than I expected!

The final product was brilliant. To see the end result after months of waiting was such a rush. Felt a glimpse of the 'proud parent' feeling I assume. What an incredible project to be a part of and work on. I undoubtably gained a wealth of non teachable skills that I am so grateful for. There are experiences in life where you learn an immense amount and you know for a fact that no person, no book, or teachings could've guided you through that gained perspective and skill. It is just about getting in there and doing in. It's getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your skills to the max when you learn the most and have such a fulfilling experience. Working on this spread was definitely that for me. Cory Savage was phenomenal to work with and is an incredibly talented Hollywood stylist. Thank you Cory for being spectacular to me and showing me in the ins and outs of the business. Genlux Magazine was also nothing but wonderful- awesome team of hair, makeup, interns, and photographers. Overall it was one of the most fun projects I have gotten to work on ever. Such a great thing to look back on and relive!


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