Friday, February 11, 2011

Shake Off The Winter Time Blues

For Something A Bit Warmer....

Let's face it, winter is brutal. The lack of Vitamin D is worst part {in my opinion}. Ben Harper said it best when he sang "She's only happy in the sun"- it couldn't be more true for this little lady. My husband knows a full day in the sunshine means one extremely happy wife of his. ;) It's time to shake off those winter blues and feel the warmth of something so much happier. Indulge yourself in these beach boasting escapes

Round Hill, Jamaica

Malibu, California

St. Barts

Naples, Florida

Pacific Palisades, California

Palm Beach, Florida

St. Barts

Warmer yet?! Thought so! How fabulous are these warm weather retreats? Talk about melting your problems away.. :) So this weekend when you think winter has got the best of you just picture yourself lounging in one of these glorious spaces. Happy Friday lovely readers!


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