Thursday, June 16, 2011


A more personal take on Lauren Elaine

The blackberry stays buzzing and her calendar booked but Lauren seems to have mastered thriving in the busy environment instead of just surviving. Her hard work, determination, & plenty of natural talent has lead her to be a tremendously successful designer. Studying film production/art direction at The University of Texas has only helped Lauren achieve such captivating/innovative photographs and campaign videos for LAUREN-ELAINE DESIGNS Collections. Behind her achievements though you will find a fun, down to earth, & humble woman. Here in PT 2 you'll find out everything from what she does in her down time to her fashion icon and best piece of advice. Read up! [Photos boast the latest of LE Designs, the new SWIM Line]

The Interview: (Part 2)
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: What are your hobbies besides designing?
LE: I love hiking, tennis, cooking, and amusement parks. And anything that is creative. So many of my "hobbies" have become my work, or are incorporated into my work- like filmmaking, etc.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: How do you find a balance between work and play with all the events and fashion shows you do?
LE: Luckily, my work is my play. I'm happiest when I'm creating and busy, so it usually works out that I enjoy what I'm working on. And while events and fashion shows are extremely stressful, and I usually don't sleep or do much of anything else before them- the rush of excitement and end result is always worth it- and it keeps me doing more of them.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: Who is your fashion icon?
LE: Scarlett O'Hara
M+P: Who is your favorite designer to wear?
LE: Before I launched my line, I lived in Tracy Reese dresses. Now, I rarely wear a dress that isn't mine. For basics, I probably wear Michael Kors the most.
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: Favorite place to shop?
LE: Vintage stores!!!
Photo by Villanueva Stone
M+P: If you could give advice to people who look up to you and what you've accomplished what would it be?
LE: Don't be afraid of competition or failure- it's what makes you stronger, and allows you to grow.

Thank you Lauren Elaine for such a fabulous and intriguing interview. MALLIE+POSH is honored to have featured such a sensational designer. Best of luck to LE DESIGNS and all there is to come!


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