Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bright Future

It came as a surprise...

Showroom Manager Ashley, Arlene, and I

{have you guessed it yet?!} ...When I was offered a full time position at a one of my favorite trend setting showrooms! Especially while thoroughly enjoying my internship elsewhere. Although I was as content as could be at the Patterson, Flynn & Martin showroom {division of Schumacher} I couldn't pass up and offer like this to grow tremendously in another brilliant environment. After three short months of interning at PFM I am beyond ecstatic to say I have landed my first big design job by accepting a full time position at the Duralee showroom in the Washington Design Center. Even better I get to stay on the 3rd floor {where I've been making friends since May & hands down is the best floor/most fun out of all 8 in the building!}. I couldn't be happier about this opportunity to expand my horizons. To be in a showroom that houses exquisite fabrics {Highland Court / Clarke & Clarke...phenomenal you got to google both}, fine furniture along with a full color-coordinating trimmings line to accompany the textiles is such a thrill. The Duralee showroom is a gorgeous playground for the designer senses...And the women that run it are just as fabulous. They are entirely too much fun. I couldn't ask for a more motivating and divine atmosphere. Along with the bright Duralee ads I chose to post I also feel Duralee offers me a definite bright future in design. I know I am a very blessed girl to be where I am and get to experience all that I do. I can't wait for the adventures that this new job will bring! Here is a peek into our showroom :)

Stay up is an insider's only view of the W. Design Center.
Ciao! M


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