Friday, August 13, 2010


Please join me in walking into the world of Teal. I am moderately obsessed with this exquisite color. I don't know if it is the depth the beautiful blue and engaging green offer, or the exciting yet soothing vibe you get when viewing it... regardless I hope you enjoy these applications of marvelous hues of teal.

As you can see applying the color teal can be fabulous on almost anything you can think of. I encourage you to bring a dose of it into your life. Be it a throw pillow in guest room, a vase in the bathroom, some napkins on your table top or a touch of it in a new outfit :) just please don't

.................wear it in the form of pointed pleather boots. ;)

P.S. I promise promise this is my last delay of the Washington Design Center post! Up next the glamorous WDC


  1. And as in the sea:). LOVE the teal cushions by the ocean!!!

  2. Darlin' you could DEFINITELY rock the teal boots. No doubt..
    Btw-I love Duralee fabrics... I know they're happy to have you on board.


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