Monday, August 23, 2010

And They Were All Yellow

Yellow sparks energy and creativity. It shines optimism and carries the happiest glow with it wherever it goes. I can't help but hum "Yellow" by coldplay while studying these photographs of spectacular spaces and places yellow is applied. Yellow is the most joyful color of all. It gives me a warm feeling from the inside out and displays itself in such a way that it draws me to it. Lighting in my opinion, is one of the most.. if not the most important element of successful design. Yellow encompasses a light in itself that naturally illuminates a room. Take in the blissful moments of yellow displayed here in these designs....enjoy :)

Jcrew yellow chinos

Benjamin Moore yellow raincoat natura paint

Stunning yellow mosaic tile is the perfect accent on this bathroom wall

Hope this starts your week off on with a vibrant vibe! Carry a bit of yellow around inside of you this week and see if it brightens your day up. You never know when someone might notice your natural glow. XO

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