Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Posh worthy favorites

At the moment.....

1. Kenra Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I swear by Kenra Hair products, they will revolutionize your hair. Dare someone to try them.

2. Michael Kors Riding boots. Just picked up my favorite pair of MK boots for the fall. You must check all of his boots out.

3. Over the Taupe OPI. This color is truly posh worthy and an all-the-time beauty. In the summer on tan skin it's the perfect neutral, in the winter it has just enough gray to be always fashionably appropriate and effortlessly timeless.

4. Elephants. As photographed art, ceramic table accessory, or statues greeting you on the front stoop...elephants my most definitely my favorite animal to accessorize right now.

5. Father of the Bride I & II Exhibit the kind of humor, love, and interior design that makes me feel cozy and at home no matter where I am. {As being my favorite movies since I was 5 I have to say if you have not seen them you musn't miss out any longer}

6. Black studded Christian Louboutins. Ever since getting to wear my dream pair of silver CL pumps on my wedding day I have been dying for another pair and at this moment this would be the pair I'd chose.

7. Oversized sweater. No matter the day, or occasion, in gearing up for fall I will at all times have one of these on hand. The perfect completion piece for any outfit. A few of these are imperative for my fall wardrobe.

8. Antiques. Must I continue? If I'm not in a antique store I'm thinking about an antique store or imagining a can't live without piece I happen to stumble across IN an antique store. My husband will vouch.

9. Tempurpedic side sleeper pillow. This bad boy emcompasses a lot more than excellent support. It promotes more blissful dreams full of vibrate colors at no additional cost. Joke. But no joke is that this pillow is a product I would suggest to any client or design project involving a bedroom {whose sleepers are side ones}. :)

10. Italy. Inspirational, enchanting, life changing, colorful, couture, architecture, elegance, culture, cuisine. All these describe my all time favorite vacation spot. Italy is a place where once you've been you wonder how you ever lived without it.

I know I said next up was an inside peak of the W. design center but I wanted to keep the anticipation rising. ;) Hope you enjoy these favorites of mine. Get ready for a tour of the fabulous and beautiful place I spend too much of my time. Sayonara! M

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