Friday, August 20, 2010

Windsor Smith

The California based designer is one of my icons. I adore her work. She has successfully accomplished spreading her unique taste into three different ventures. Smith has her own furniture collection, fabric collection, and rug line. This woman is a supermom for sure. I would love to spend a week with her to see how she manages her time! Smith is so inspirational to me because her style encompasses elements of the past done so beautifully in a new fresh way. It has the character of old but the excitement of new. "I like the idea of a new vernacular pitched against classic sensibilites. Everything should feel like it is of the present but also has some kind of thread to history" as she tells Western Interiors magazine.

Smith's entryway

Smith's closet

Windsor Smith fabric for Kravet.

To fall more in love with Windsor Smith go to:
I hope you find her designs as inspirations like I do. I also hope for you to have a sparked interest in the beauty of balance between historical pieces meeting new concepts. Love to all!

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